Comfort and Mobility with Custom Power Wheelchairs

Most power wheelchair users do not have the option of buying multiple wheelchairs or replacing their wheelchairs on a regular basis. Custom power wheelchairs are a worthwhile investment because getting the right mobility equipment ensures your comfort and makes your daily life easier for an extended period.
Blue electric wheelchair
These wheelchairs are the best in the market and provide the user with all the facilities and features that make it comfortable. The manual chairs are available in three formats – curved frame, square frame, and an extended frame. The curved frame model is essential for those who needs quick response and are more active in their work. The square frame offers a lot of stability and thus allows the user assurance. On the other hand, the extended frame is for flexibility and growth. These wheelchairs are mostly used for children since they offer so many features and applications.

Your doctor or physical therapist can help you choose a mobility device that meets your long-term needs. If the cause of your mobility problem may cause your condition to change over time, your doctor may recommend that you buy a power wheelchair now even if you are currently able to use a scooter. It’s better to purchase a power wheelchair now if you’re going to need one anyway, rather than buy a power scooter now and buying another mobility device later.

If you’re replacing your current mobility device, take notes on the mobility problems you’re having now. When you start shopping around, see what options are available in a new wheelchair that can alleviate these inconveniences. You can get a power wheelchair with automatic lifting footrests or a lift seat if you have trouble getting your feet in place or reaching tall objects. Make a list and get a power wheelchair that can solve any problems you currently have.

The type of power wheelchair you need also depends on your lifestyle needs. Where do you take your wheelchair? If you have a customized wheelchair van and drive yourself, and do not usually need to load it into a car or airplane, the weight of the wheelchair is not that significant. For those who do travel by plane or in vehicles not customized for wheelchairs, folding power wheelchairs are lightweight and designed to be disassembled. The pieces are light enough to be loaded by a healthy person and are folded into a compact size, saving storage space for luggage.


Optional features in customized wheelchairs give you the opportunity to make your wheelchair as comfortable as possible as well as convenient. Seats can be installed which recline or have headrests, and if you use a power base wheelchair, you can have your choice among several different places. You can add additional cushions which, in addition to being comfortable, can prevent or treat pressure sores. You can carry personal items in wheelchair bags and caddies, and you can attach a drink holder. Some models allow you to choose from a variety of colors, although with the majority of power wheelchairs you can only make a choice between blue and red.

You can have your choice in comfort options and meet your mobility needs with custom power wheelchairs.

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