Plumbing Tips for Winter

Water tapWinter is a season which needs to be faced with proper preparations in all the aspects. If you are not taking proper care then winter can create much havoc with plumbing system. It is important for you to ensure that you do the right things so that the whole winter does not become a dreadful experience in dealing with the plumbing system. You should hire a plumber before the season so that throughout the season you do not need to run to any professional for handing the plumbing system. Here are the few tips so that your plumbing system is in good shape during winter.

Fix the Leakage in Plumbing System

Having even smaller leakage of water in plumbing system can really be turned to really a havoc when temperature actually fall below the freezing point. It is good for you to check the pipes that are there both the outdoors and indoors for finding any plumbing leaks. If you do not care this and when the water actually freeze, then the damage can be really significant and it may spoil the pipes that are there in surroundings. If you are stopping and fixing the plumbing leaks then it can save the plumbing system and also can save good amount of money without hiring plumber during winter.

Insulating Pipes

It is really a good step that you can take so that the plumbing system of yours is all set to face the harsh winter. It is good to look in crawl spaces, attic etc so that you can find out the pipes which are exposed. If the pipe is visible anywhere then it means that it does need to be insulated. Insulation is helpful in keeping air warm inside.

Evaporative Cooler
Swap cooler or the evaporative cooler should get drained before it is really winter. It is good to turn off water and power to unit before you actually winterize the device. You need to then drain the water completely out of the cooler. The line that is meant for supplying water to the unit also needs to be drained. It is also good to change pads as well as clean interior of this cooler. It is necessary for you to cover the cooler using tarp or any cover during winter so that you can keep the cooler dry through out. It is important to avoid the cooler to be ruined or get plumber for fixing any issue with that.

Pump House

When you are trying to get ready to face winter, you need to think about all those possible things so that you can keep things from getting frozen so that the winter season becomes real smooth for the plumbing system. The pump house needs to be insulated well if the water is pumped off from well. This can help in preventing the pipes from getting frozen. The pipes that are exposed in pump house needs to be insulated as well. A source of heat should be kept in pump house so that the temperature is maintained above the freezing temperature.

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